Social Media Expertise in HR

Social media skills have become a top hiring requirement for human resource professionals. Social media has become a key tool in recruiting as employers seek candidates who take advantage of online searches, apps, job boards and social networks. But increasingly other areas of HR such as benefits administration, onboarding, training and employee relations are making it a requirement too. According to Wanted Analytics, as of September there were more than 4,800 available human resource jobs that require social media skills- a 43% year-over-year growth in demand.

Companies are looking for individuals who can:

  • Find and recruit top talent on social networking platforms
  • Integrate online learning and training through social media for employees
  • Develop employee communication strategies and policies for social media sites
  • Create and share external benefits information through social media

Hiring demand for human resource professionals with social media skills is increasing. Do you have the necessary skills for today's job recruiting conditions?