Software Upgrades for the Benefits Enrollment Season

The annual open enrollment period is right around the corner, and we’re rolling out new features to make it a season of success for our customers.

At Benefitfocus, we are continuously investing in our cloud-based technology and the success of our clients. With a quarterly release cycle that accounts for industry changes, new legislation and, most importantly, feedback from our customer community, we’re committed to delivering enhancements to our technology on a consistent basis. Every enhancement we make serves to improve the way organizations manage benefits – streamlining administrative tasks, providing actionable data insight, and helping employees make smarter health and benefit decisions.

In the 2015 Summer Release, we introduced over 400 new features to provide our customers with visibility into the data they needed to more efficiently manage the enrollment process. With the 2015 Autumn Release, our customers will enjoy new platform upgrades designed to increase healthcare cost transparency and further streamline the enrollment experience for administrators, employees and consumers alike.

Featured updates include:

  • Health plan cost and utilization data in near real-time.  Human resource professionals have long struggled to unlock the value trapped in plan participation and claims utilization data. BENEFITFOCUS® Core Analytics unlocks this value through detailed visibility into the key drivers of healthcare costs through a suite of dynamic pre-configured analytic dashboards.
  • Monitor and manage the open enrollment experience.  Core Analytics provides benefit administrators access to real time enrollment progress along with key web statistics and analytics to support proactive employee communication strategies.
  • Go deeper with BENEFITFOCUS® Advanced Analytics.  Developed for enterprise level analysis, Advanced Analytics provides large employers and health plan providers with over 70 big data applications to identify the key drivers of group healthcare costs.
  • Eliminate the risk of duplicate coverage.  In some industries and geographies unintended duplicate coverage slows down open enrollment and drives higher insurance costs.  The latest release includes automated unique person validation to eliminate the risk of employees, such as a husband and wife, duplicating benefits coverage.
  • Manage employee groups automatically.  Smart categories allow employers to manage employee groups dynamically by assigning rules based on characteristics that might change over time, such as age or job title.  Once set, employee benefit eligibility is managed automatically over time.
  • Validate provider and prescription coverage.  Healthcare plan providers now have the option of allowing enrollees to validate both provider and prescription coverage during the enrollment process.

New platform configurations included in the Autumn Software Release are available to all clients in addition to the general availability of Benefitfocus Core Analytics to those interested. For more information on the Autumn Release, contact [email protected] to schedule a personalized walk through of the platform. Current Benefitfocus customers can access an overview of the Autumn Software Release and learn more about the platform’s capabilities by visiting Benefitfocus’ customer portal, One Place 365.

Check out all the latest features at the annual Benefitfocus One Place 2016 conference, March 8-10 in Orlando, FL. Register today.