Talk It Out: Communicate the Value of Voluntary Benefits

Without a strategic communication plan in place to help drive benefits engagement and enrollment, employers could miss out on the opportunity to boost employee satisfaction and retention, while employees could be missing out on vital benefit protections. Employees may not be as familiar with voluntary benefits, much less non-traditional plans such as legal services. Your company could be thinking outside the box and adding value with these types of benefits, but if employees don’t know about them, or if the value isn’t communicated properly, then it may unfortunately make little difference.

According to "Measuring the Effects of Legal and Financial Woes," a study conducted by Russell Research and commissioned by ARAG, three out of four employees experienced a legal event in the past 12 months. This is just one example of the many challenges that your employees face in their personal lives, which can impact their engagement and productivity at work. Offering voluntary benefits can help your employees solve these challenges more efficiently, minimizing the impact on their work and increasing their physical and financial wellness—but not if they don’t know about them. Show your employees you care by tailoring your messages to meet their specific needs, actively helping them to make better-informed decisions and get the most out of their benefits.

Listen to the podcast above to learn how you can better engage your employees and help them make informed decisions with the wide range of benefit protections available through your voluntary benefit offering.