Top 5 Webinars for Benefit Pros from 2017

Top 5 Webinars for Benefit Pros from 2017

From the evolving ACA legislation and plan design trends to an increasingly competitive job market, there was hardly a dull moment in employee benefits during 2017. We covered a lot of the key moments for you over the past 12 months with our live webinars, but we wanted to highlight the top five that our audience deemed most helpful in preparing them for a successful new year.

1. Open Enrollment Revealed: The State of Employee Benefits 2017

Dive into the data from the latest open enrollment research to discover key trends in employee benefits: plan design, participation and beyond. Watch now


2. ACA 2017 Review: The Year That Was (And Wasn't) in Health Care Reform

Hear from health care policy expert Chris Condeluci, and learn how the latest ACA developments will impact employers' compliance obligations in 2018. Watch now


3. Open Enrollment Blueprint: Simple Steps for Big Results

Learn how to build the foundation for a successful, stress-free OE with five strategies to reach budget goals, save you time and achieve BIG results. Watch now


4. Employee Retention: The Surprising Truth & Strategies to Respond

Gain an edge in this competitive talent landscape by taking new steps to leverage employee benefits as a recruitment and retention tool. Watch now


5. How to Communicate Employee Benefits Like a Marketing Pro

Take your benefits communication skills and strategy to the next level with these tips and tricks from the marketing professionals at Benefitfocus. Watch now

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