Video: Breaking From Tradition to Boost Employee Engagement

Video has become a mainstream communication channel for connecting with diverse audiences. Whether it’s a welcome message, training tutorial or benefits education, replacing traditional communication methods with video allows you to meaningfully engage your whole workforce on a more personal level.

Why Traditional Communication Doesn’t Work

It’s a common fact that 65 percent of the population are visual learners. So when you feel like you’re wasting your breath speaking at a meeting about upcoming benefits enrollment, you probably are. And the packets of paper you mail to your employees’ homes are another time suck that could come with a big price tag. It’s likely most of it will end up in the trash after a single glance over the insurance jargon no one outside of the industry understands.

Benefits are a complex topic. Just hearing or reading the information isn’t enough for most people—not to mention the fact that they may recall very little information when it actually comes time to enroll in their benefits. You could end up spending even more of your time having one-on-one meetings to answer questions or, even worse, employees may make the wrong choices, which come at an even higher cost.

Take Your Employee Communications Viral with Video

With the ability to access Google and YouTube from computers, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs, the way people consume information is changing. For example, you are embarking on a home improvement project and the kit you bought came with a 20-page manual. Would you: (a) read the manual or (b) Google a “how-to” video on your computer or phone? If you answered (a), you’re missing out on a wealth of information that could prevent you from making big mistakes.

With educational videos, you can make your message more personal and communicate the benefits you offer in a language your employees understand. And why stop at benefits? You can use video to communicate a wide variety of message like new wellness programs, new hire training, company announcements and so much more.

Learn how you can more effectively engage and educate your workforce by incorporating video into your communication strategy.