1,000 Ways to Plan for a Successful Open Enrollment

1,000 Ways to Plan for a Successful Open Enrollment


Success is a science. If you have the conditions, you get the result. - Oscar Wilde


The typical open enrollment period lasts around two weeks. Half a month of focusing all your energy on one thing – getting your employees enrolled in the benefits they need to protect their health and wealth.

As a technology company dedicated to helping companies make open enrollment go as smoothly as possible, it only makes sense that we'd reserve our own special half-month period to focus all our energy on preparing for that.

That’s just what we did earlier this month during OE Success: Innovation + Excellence – a two-week-long conference jam-packed with keynotes and breakout sessions on defining customer success and outlining our path to a successful fall open enrollment.

The event brought together over 1,000 Benefitfocus associates with one collective goal: make our customers' next open enrollment their best yet.

Committing to Benefits Data Quality

Our leadership team began planning for this fall’s open enrollment in January, working to improve processes, develop feature enhancements, and clearly define our goals and objectives for the year. And the theme was simple: data is our top priority.

Every initiative being implemented this year directly supports Benefitfocus’ mission to set a new standard for data quality in the benefits industry. So our OE Success conference focused heavily on new features and processes that will help us improve data accessibility, transparency, accuracy and timeliness, enabling us to better serve our customers and lead them through a successful open enrollment.

Empowering Customers

Multiple customers – representing both employers and insurance carriers – came to our Charleston, S.C., headquarters to speak with us about what defines a successful open enrollment at their company. It was invaluable for our associates to hear customers discuss their priorities, needs and concerns for the upcoming open enrollment season. And no matter which customer was talking, the underlying message was the same: data quality is key.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to hear about all the ways our leadership team is listening to our customers and taking swift action to deliver solutions. When we listen to our customers and make what they care about the most our highest priority, we’re not only paving the way to a successful open enrollment together, we’re also empowering them to develop and grow professionally.

Innovation Through Collaboration

It doesn’t stop at empowering our customers, though. Our leadership team has gone above and beyond to help ensure that all Benefitfocus associates are engaged and involved in moving the benefits industry forward.

Throughout the conference, associates from across the company were asked to share their knowledge and experience during breakout sessions – ranging from “Passwords Exposed: Don’t be a victim!” to “Payroll OE Best Practices” – and we were encouraged to attend as many as our schedules permitted.

Our founder and CEO Shawn Jenkins began his closing keynote address with the words, “I want you to come out of this feeling encouraged, loved, supported and invested in.” While this isn’t a new message from Shawn, that commitment to a high level of support and investment from company leadership goes a long way. An investment in Benefitfocus associates is ultimately an investment in our customers, and it’s clear that our leadership team is committed to the success of Benefitfocus customers and associates alike.

Shaping the Future of Benefits Management

Looking forward, we’re beginning to develop and execute the plans and initiatives shared during our OE Success conference. We’re using our collective knowledge and skill sets to make our vision a reality and create a solid foundation for success – not just for this fall’s open enrollment, but for years to come.

We’re collaborating with our peers and company leaders to fundamentally change the landscape of benefits management and technology – because we were given the opportunity to do so.

Can you imagine working with a customer rep that is so excited and invested in what their company is doing? What impact might that have on the way you manage benefits?

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