Welch Allyn Promotes Wellness & Benefits Consumerism, Saves $1.5 million

Welch Allyn is a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment. The company has 2,600 employees in 26 different countries with 1,400 employees in the United States. In 2013, Welch Allyn decided to transition to a full replacement CDHP consisting of an HDHP and an HSA. The company knew that the change could compromise employee satisfaction if not handled tactfully. Welch Allyn took a strategic approach to continuously prepare their workforce for the change and ensure employees that the company was on their side.

Welch Allyn sought a powerful wellness engagement solution and a comprehensive benefits solution that could help guide employees through the transition to the CDHP. Leveraging the relationship between Benefitfocus and RedBrick Health, Welch Allyn was able to align their benefits and wellness strategies to power a strategic engagement campaign improving health and wellness, empowering employees to become more-informed healthcare consumers and cutting costs for both employees and the organization.

Download this case study to see how Welch Allyn has boosted engagement in benefits and reinvigorated the performance of their wellness initiatives to improve employee wellness, streamline administration and cut costs.