What Makes for a Better Relationship with Your Benefits Tech
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What Makes for a Better Relationship with Your Benefits Tech

What's the difference between good and great when it comes to your benefits technology?

You can expect a good technology vendor to help you alleviate administrative burden, automate manual processes and support a better enrollment experience for your employees. But that's the bare minimum.

When you invest in a benefits technology vendor, you're starting a relationship with that vendor. And as is the case with any relationship, the bare minimum rarely translates into long-term success. Rather, this type of benefits technology vendor relationship typically peaks at implementation and declines from there into disillusionment.

A great benefits technology vendor relationship, on the other hand, flourishes through the vendor's commitment to serve as a strategic partner in the continued success of its customers.

KLX, Inc. found what makes the difference when they invested in Benefitfocus. Leveraging the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform, KLX is now able to deliver a better administrative experience for their benefits team and an enrollment experience that puts the right tools in the hands of its employees. But Benefitfocus’ customer success model and the relationship KLX has with its Customer Success Manager (CSM) has made this strategic partnership flourish. By taking the time to understand KLX's strategy and combining that with his knowledge of the Benefitfocus Platform, the CSM serves as a true consultative partner according to Jessica Frederick, Benefits Manager at KLX:

"He doesn't just listen...he takes the time to really figure out what's going to help KLX have the best system that they can have for their employees." 

Want to hear the full story? Watch the video above to hear from Jessica and her CSM, Eric, on how they work together to help ensure sure that KLX is getting the most out of its technology investment.

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