One Place 2017 - Mobile Enrollment

Why Benefits Transparency Equals Top Talent Retention

We all know the simple truth: benefits are complex. Employees need transparency to simplify things and, more often than not, they’re looking to their employers to provide it.

The result of not getting transparency in benefits is pretty clear: employees won’t make the best benefit decisions for their situation, or be able to take full advantage of their benefit offerings or worse – they’ll leave your company for a job they perceive as having a better benefits package.

This was the situation one large retailer, American Eagle Outfitters, found themselves in. They wanted to retain the best and the brightest by providing transparency in the benefits enrollment experience. Forty years after founding their first store in 1977, they have grown to 40,000 associates worldwide. Because the vast majority of those workers are millennials, and with American Eagle offering five different health plan options (a mix of PPOs and HDHPs complemented by HSAs and HRAs), the transparency imperative was at the forefront.   

American Eagle's journey to help employees better evaluate their coverage needs led them to a solution that could empower employees during benefits enrollment

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You can also check out the video above to hear from Tammy Fennessy, benefits manager at American Eagle, on how they empowered employees even more with mobile access to their benefits.