Jenny Walter Business Analyst September 2, 2015

If you think about it, leadership probably comes naturally for most Business Analysts. We are owning our features, collaborating with developers, answering questions (from all directions), and ultimately leading the overall effort from a business perspective. Everyone around us is following our ideas and requirements for a given feature—that makes us pretty powerful in my opinion. With that power, we have to be very careful to be sure that we are leading others down the “right” path for a given feature. We have to be sure that we have done our research and talked to our stakeholders (over and over again sometimes) to ensure we understand the problem that needs to be solved. Then, and only then, are we able to effectively lead the charge towards the solution. 

In our leadership efforts we also need to be cognizant of the fact that our teammates are watching us. They are watching our facial expressions, reactions to the good and the bad, the way that we conduct ourselves professionally—really everything we do. That means we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. I know sometimes it can be challenging, but we should always try to be positive and lead by example. Our behavior determines how we influence others. I have found that when you are positive and approachable, then feature development and deployment tend to be more successful. I think this is because developers and QA feel like they can come to you with anything; especially if you lead your feature and are continuously patient and engaged throughout the process.  

Enterprise Product Architect Tom Dugan shares a few of his favorite books and their applicability to product design, innovation, development and management.

Tom Dugan August 26, 2015

At one point or another, you have been asked why you want to be a BA or you have asked someone that question.  I guess it is natural curiosity for one to ask to see if that person has the same view as yours or has completely different outlook on what being a BA means.

Raj Baisyet Raj Baisyet August 21, 2015

The ability to leverage a uniform interface across an open transport is indeed powerful and will continue to transform our business and lives for the foreseeable future.

Alan Frye August 07, 2015

Think back to the last mystery novel or movie you read or watched. How did it make you feel? In many ways, business analysis is like solving a mystery. 

Cassie Caple July 31, 2015