March 16, 2017 | By Jacee Brown

Workflows. What are they exactly? They’ve got roots in storytelling—there’s a beginning, middle and end—and in some ways they’re a physical embodiment of a story—you experience the story and are part of that story rather than just listening to, reading, or observing it.

And user experience (UX)? It's about noticing the obvious—the things that are so deeply ingrained in our environment that are completely invisible to most people. It’s taking the time to observe and see things as they truly are, and then being able to define those things in order to simplify them and mold them into what should or could be.

We'll get back to UX, but for now let's hone in on a concept that people encounter every day, both at work and everywhere else: workflows. 

Data, diversity and inclusion, innovation and ideation, and, of course, motherhood are all part of the discussion at a record-breaking gathering of Charleston Women in Technology.

October 12, 2016

The first order of business in discussing user experience (UX) is to define user experience. The trouble here, though, is that the specifics of the definition vary from person to person as much as there are varieties of apples. All are apples though, right? Yep, and UX is no different.

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