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Data, diversity and inclusion, innovation and ideation, and, of course, motherhood are all part of the discussion at a record-breaking gathering of Charleston Women in Technology.

October 12, 2016

The first order of business in discussing user experience (UX) is to define user experience. The trouble here, though, is that the specifics of the definition vary from person to person as much as there are varieties of apples. All are apples though, right? Yep, and UX is no different.

Benefitfocus Blog Author - Jacee Brown Jacee Brown June 15, 2016

How the Scale Cube model can help engineers and technologists scale technology solutions in a way that’s cost-effective and innovative.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye April 13, 2016

Building a Hadoop cluster and running it well at scale as a system of record requires key design considerations in storage, compute and networking along with data redundancy and high availability options available in Hadoop.

Madhumoy Dube - Program Director of Engineering Partnerships Madhumoy Dube January 27, 2016

A data scientist wears many hats: part software engineer, part data engineer and part statistician.

Benefitfocus Speaker - Jen Clark Jen Clark November 18, 2015

Retrospectives- better known to a lot of people as Lessons Learned- are an important part of any project team, engineering or non-engineering.

Lisa Greczkowski - Team Lead Business Analyst, Customer Development Lisa Greczkowski October 7, 2015

How many times have you heard someone say “A Business Analyst’s job ends when the requirements are documented”? Why that makes for a poor Business Analyst, a poor product and most likely many defects after the feature is coded.

Lisa Greczkowski - Team Lead Business Analyst, Customer Development Lisa Greczkowski September 23, 2015

Remember as a child playing the game Follow The Leader? In that game it is up to the leader to decide the actions or paths the others take. Usually the leader begins with simple actions, but eventually it gets more challenging as they go. That is a lot like being a Business Analyst. 

Jenny Walter - Business Analyst Jenny Walter September 2, 2015