Benefitfocus: An Engineer’s Dream Company

Engineering is an exciting career choice. Using design, technology and innovation to solve complex problems is a journey to meaningful, satisfying work. The rapid pace of change in technology and innovation requires that engineers keep up with it and continue to learn and grow. Finding an organization that promotes and provides an environment for design and engineering can be a daunting task. I may seem biased, but let me make the case for you to decide that Benefitfocus really is an engineer’s dream company.



It all starts with opportunity. Every engineer should strive to find a career opportunity with an organization that is growing and then grow with it. As the organization grows the engineering and design needs to evolve in complexity and order of magnitude with it, while giving you the opportunity to solve, learn and grow as you stay at the forefront of technology and innovation. I had this opportunity nine years ago with Benefitfocus and what attracted me to the company was the startup spirit.  Here we are 9 years later and the startup spirit is still alive and growing. Read more here. We are just getting started.


Outfitting Benefit Service Center


Culture of Design + Engineering

You can see the prevalence of Design and Engineering at Benefitfocus through the visual cues in our campus, from the ’59 Corvette that greets and inspires you of elegant design, to the Ducati motorcycles and the social workspace on our engineering floors. These inspirations translate into our software as we strive to build an elegant user experience for our customers.

Coming from a background of ‘Jugaad’, a practice in India where you engineer a solution and solve problems with a work around or an innovative fix, these cues at Benefitfocus remind me why design is an evolution beyond Jugaad and a better way to solve problems. Design doesn’t look for a solution that is a work around to a problem; instead it solves the problem, resulting in a better solution and user experience. Read more here on creating a Design Mindset.


Corvette Design & Engineering Building


Celebrating engineers at the Design + Engineering Summit

Every year we celebrate our engineering team with the Benefitfocus Design + Engineering Summit. This is an engineering conference by our engineers for our engineers. It is a world-class event with renowned speakers and our engineers presenting to their teams. The summit is preceded by an engineering award ceremony that is a spectacle to see and hear.  Our engineers cheer for and give standing ovations for their teammates.


Design + Engineering Summit


Customer Focus

Our incredible mission is simple: All your Benefits, in One Place. More than 23 million consumers and growing manage all types of benefits in the Benefitfocus cloud. Add the healthcare ecosystem to the mix and there are astronomical amounts of data that can be used to gain insight into helping consumers make educated decisions for their benefits.

We are a customer-focused company and you can say that it’s an obsession. Our quest is to continuously deliver cool software and an optimal user experience to our customers.


Perks at Work

From an endless supply of Starbucks Coffee, soda and snacks to fresh fruit at our campuses, vegetable Wednesdays, craft beer Fridays, laundry service and bring your pet to workday, we have it all covered. Let off steam with foosball, play table tennis,shoot hoops or ride a bike around the trails on Daniel Island. Our expanding campus is in Charleston, South Carolina voted one of the best cities in the world. Charleston is a growing and vibrant ecosystem of engineering talent and is often referred to as ‘Silicon Harbor’. I would say that the only difference between Silicon Valley and Silicon Harbor is the difference in the water temperature. You don’t need a wet suit during summer in Charleston. We also have campuses in Greenville, Tulsa and San Francisco, giving the opportunity to travel.

If you like what you have read so far and have a passion for design and engineering find out more at Benefitfocus Careers.