The Trillion-Dollar Paradox of Choice

Trillion Dollar Paradox of Choice


I am really excited to be a part of the amazing group of speakers at the GIANT Conference taking place this week, June 11-14, 2014, in Charleston, SC. Shandon Fowler, Director of Marketplaces, and I are taking on a very timely and important topic, User Experience in Healthcare. As designers, developers and makers of things, we have a responsibility to affect change. The healthcare industry is going through massive disruption and change, and the opportunity to create a positive impact that will affect millions of people is immense.

Topic and abstract of our presentation below:

The Trillion-Dollar Paradox of Choice 

Healthcare isn’t just market segment — it’s woven into virtually every aspect of our lives. It's nearly 20 percent of our GDP. Health insurance alone is a trillion-dollar industry, and one that’s changing rapidly thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Like other major risk-averse industries, it can be a consumer-experience wasteland. But in a business that has no shortage of access to customers and their big data, real change can and is happening at a fast-accelerating pace. Through data mining, choice architecture and an increased focus on the user, it’s possible to change the healthcare landscape, a million users and a billion dollars at a time. 

Hope to see y’all there! It’s going to be rad!