Below is an email I sent to all Benefitfocus associates

Every day there are 700,000 new Android device activations and 700,000 new device (phones, tablets) activations. And people wondered why Google was building a free phone operating system five years ago. Please. There are a few really smart, long-term thinking technology platform companies in the market today. And when they get the technology, platform and business model right, the market goes crazy for what they have, regardless of what is happening in Washington, or Wall Street for that matter.

Apple is expected to sell 30 million new iPhone 4S phones this quarter. 30 million in 90 days.

Amazon will probably sell six million new Kindle Fire tablets this quarter. It was just introduced last month. They may sell 40 million next quarter.

Each of these is a new platform for consumers to access markets, search and buy apps, content, products. Tens and soon hundreds of millions of people will have selected one of these platforms and will be downloading apps, buying products and experiencing content.

The healthcare and benefits market needs a secure and private cloud platform to do the same thing. The employer needs to be involved because the data is private and there are government regulations to follow. We have figured out that part, and the market sees us as the leader.

More proof that when you get the technology right you cannot keep it on the shelves.

Tell your friends to take a picture now. You were here when we were small. You were here before Benefitfocus became a verb.