Some things are far off. They are beyond our reach. We could work day and night for 100 days and not be able to obtain them. Such things are worthy of our desire.

Aspirational vision will capture your imagination. And it is your imagination that feeds the creativity you need to have outsized success.

We all need something to hope for, to long for, something that is grand and imaginative. The scale of our aspiration determines the amount of energy that our mind will spend finding ways of acquiring it. Small things require little effort and therefore will not demand your mind's attention. Splendid, bold, grand - those are the descriptors of a goal worthy of your meditation.

Perhaps we have been tainted by the belief that longing for big things is somehow inappropriate. Undoubtedly we have come across stories of greed that have driven others to actions we seek to avoid. Let's not allow the misplaced ambitions of others to steal the wonder and promise that is held tightly in the mystery of our minds. Nor let us excuse ourselves from the grand toil required to fully realize our born-with potential.

Aspiring to greatness is not the same as blind ambition. When we confuse the two we allow ourselves to temper our vision of what could be, for fear of being rapacious. As we shrink our vision of the future it becomes indiscernible above the horizon; our compass is then without its North. We wander.

The word itself shares its roots with 'to breathe' and 'to pant.' Our mind craves a noble aspiration; as our body demands breath from our lungs.

Increase the altitude and splendor of the intention of your mind. This will enable you to see it, tall and glimmering. Adorn it with gems; cause it to touch the sky. In so doing, you will view it unmistakably over the horizon. And on your way, you will be.