Bring the Family!

It is a healthy sign when you see family members and friends participating in your company's events. It is even healthier when you see the management team designing events specifically so that your family can attend.

Managers have a tendency to overthink aspects of their job. How best to include family, friends, pets and the community can be such an area. How much is too much? Should the company pay? What if some people do not attend? And on the questions go when planning an event.

We recently took our associates and their friends and family to a baseball game. It just happened to be Bill Murray T-Shirt night for our local team, the Charleston Riverdogs. The t-shirt was awesome and had Bill's face on the front and our logo on the back. People brought their kids, spouses, friends and extended family. It was a great night, and the community got to see our corporate sponsorship as a side benefit.

We love events like this; the more the better. We sponsor kickball teams, running clubs, charity events and regular team events of all sorts. The key is to break down the mythical wall between the company and the family and include everyone in a variety of activities. When this becomes a habit, or second nature, people see the company as a positive contributor to their community and their well being.