The Fun of Growing a Campus and a Company

The first office that we had at Benefitfocus was 800 square feet. That is smaller than an apartment. We quickly grew to 18 associates and had people down the hall in a shared conference room to accommodate everyone. It was funny in that conference room because we had one phone and six people who shared it.

Our second office was a 30,000 square foot converted old Wal-Mart space. We took our eighteen people to the new office and we each had over 1,500 square feet! Eventually we grew to 200 associates in that space before we began our corporate campus on Daniel Island in Charleston.

On Daniel Island, we designed our own building from the ground up. Our first building was 65,000 square feet. When we moved in we wondered how we would ever fill up all that space. It was huge! Today that building serves as "Building One" of our ever-increasing campus.

Our second building on the campus was our 80,000 square foot Design + Engineering building. This building is an awesome home to our world-class engineering team. It is a space dedicated to the wonderful art of design and the incredibly technical craft of engineering. This space saw our introduction of what we call the "social workplace" with many open social spaces for folks to meet. Our software designers and engineers that create the amazing technologies and products that are transforming the massive healthcare and benefits industry.


Benefitfocus Charleston Campus Expansion Groundbreaking


Today we are announcing yet another phase of our campus expansion. We are increasing our campus footprint three fold. The next building is our "Customer Success Center". This massive, 145,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building will be dedicated to our customer implementation and service teams. It will also house our new training and certification programs and allow us to continue to provide "Anticipatory Service" to our expanding customer base.

It is a true privilege to work with all of the smart and amazing folks at Benefitfocus. Having our Governor and Mayor join us for another huge milestone along our journey is an honor as well. Watching our customers visit our growing campus and seeing how they are using Benefitfocus Technology to transform their benefits is such a rewarding career experience. I celebrate the combined success of our associates and the incredible company we have built together. We are just getting started.


Benefitfocus Office Spaces