Funny Story

Below is an email I sent to all Benefitfocus associates

This is a quick one that I heard on the radio this morning:

A locksmith is called to help a woman who has locked her keys in her car. He gets in his locksmith van and drives to her location. He parks the van and goes over to survey the situation. He then walks back to his van to get his tools, only to learn that he had locked his keys in his own van.

Supposedly that is a true story. True or not, it reminds us that sometimes life is just trying to push a little message out to us as we speed on by. Stop and laugh at yourself a little. Maybe don’t take yourself so seriously. Maybe things go wrong, but you can still smile about it. I’ve got a bunch of funny stories about myself and how I have done some really stupid stuff. So if you are perfect and don’t have any flawed stories to laugh at, just ask me. I have enough for both of us.

Hope you have a great day and a great week...even if you lock your keys in your car.