Great Article on Internet Trends

Below is an email I sent to all Benefitfocus associates

As the Benefitfocus Platform grows and our technology evolves, I find it helpful to always read and study other shifts that are occurring across the Internet. One fascination I have long had is how we all transitioned from AOL, to Yahoo! and then to Google. Even if we did not use those services a lot ourselves, they each define a period of the public Internet.

So what is next? Obviously, apps built on top of platforms such as the iPhone or Android. And after that? Well I read a clever article on that subject and thought you might enjoy it. It gets your brain turning on the subject, which I find to be beneficial as we plan our own strategy.

Why The Future Of Search May Look More Like Yahoo Than Google

Credit to Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo! who posted the story on Twitter.

Enjoy! Shawn