How Stories Perpetuate Culture

I am often asked how we maintain our culture at Benefitfocus. One of the first things that comes to mind is our use of story telling. We encourage our associates to share their personal experiences and keep the conversation on culture going and expanding.

A few years ago we took the idea of story telling to a new level by publishing a collection of stories and photos in our book, Benefitfocus: Winning with Culture. The reception of the book has been amazing, and the impact on our culture has been so positive. We use it to share our culture and core values with our customers, prospective customers, partners and in our recruiting.

We recently published a second edition of the book with hundreds more stories and photos. You can request a copy here, and we will be happy to send you one.

This is one of the many stories that gives a window into the culture of Benefitfocus and also lays a foundation for the future generations of our associates. I hope you enjoy!


Benefitfocus Culture Stories