Keep Your Fish Tank Going

Next to my desk (I do not have an office) there is a big fish tank. It has about 50 fish in it. As a kid I had all sorts of fish and fish tanks. I even worked at an aquarium store and learned how to keep them up. I guess you could say it is part of who I am.

Do you have part of your childhood desires active in your work? Are there things that you inherently enjoy in and around the environment? Many people have pictures of their family on their desk; I have over 20. But what about you? Are you encouraging and stoking those things that are interesting and fun to who you are, who you were as a kid?

I have read that Sergey and Larry, the founders of Google, both went to very creative and open Montessori schools as kids. I have also read that they patterned much of their work environment after that open, creative, even playful model. I think they discovered a secret to designing and building amazing technologies. Part of that secret is keeping your inner child going, even thriving.

Grow and develop as a professional. Obtain new certifications, learn, even mature and gain wisdom. But none of that means that you should stop being a kid at heart. Kids like fish tanks. Kids like open spaces, colors and big pads of paper to draw on. Kids even like video games, fashion items, or books. Make your work environment suitable for your inner child. You will enjoy coming to work a lot more and you will end up being much more creative. Your company needs it and so do you.