"Lift" People

Have you ever been on an airplane as it rushed down the runway and wondered how it could possibly fly? I suppose we all have.

When I was training to become a pilot, I learned that there are four forces that act on an airplane: lift, thrust, weight and drag. Lift is a powerful yet unseen force which allows us to go higher and faster. Anyone who has ever flown on an airplane has experienced lift, benefited from its power, yet probably did not know how it worked.

Over time, I have been very fortunate to have worked with all sorts of people. I have observed that some people have a "lift" affect on the team they work with. They are like the unseen force of lift on an airplane; they just have a way of making things a bit lighter. I call these individuals "lift people".

A friend of mine uses a very interesting phrase to describe how he works; he says he "collects people." He is one of those folks who makes friends and keeps up with them. He always seems to have everyone's current phone number and contact info.

As I think of his phrase, "collecting people," I think of how we all can be successful in our careers. We can collect "lift people." In other words, we can find those people who naturally lift up the team around them. And we can purposely add them to our teams and our companies.

Isn't that a huge part of the secret to any great organization? They have a collection of the right sort of positive people - those who know how to fly. As a practical matter, you can interview people specifically to see if they are lift people. You can add them to your team. You can be a “lift person” yourself. All it takes is a little bit of helping your friends. It’s the small things that make things lighter on others.

Collect some “lift people” today. And provide a lift to someone else. You will be amazed how it will allow you to fly.