Recommended Reading/ Listening: Lead the Field

Below is an email I sent to all Benefitfocus associates

Most of you folks have seen me walk up to present at a company meeting carrying a stack of books. I usually grab a handful of books that are lying around my house in various forms of being read or re-read. Often times after I mention some books, I’ll get good feedback and appreciation for the recommendation. I’ve got an audio to recommend today.

There is one audio recording that has been of great value to me over the years, and I wanted to pass it along. It is called Lead the Field produced by Earl Nightingale. The latest version of it is 2001, and you can get the CDs from Amazon. You can also download it from iTunes. It is broken up into 10 or 12 chapters that are each 20 minutes or less, so it makes for great drive-to-work listening.

I was originally given a copy of Lead the Field by my buddy John Carroll, and I used to listen to it while I drove back and forth from Greenville to Mount Pleasant. I’ll bet I listened to the entire content 50 times, literally. The concepts are simple and the stories are fun to hear. Essentially, the author distilled successful habits down to a handful of relatable chapters, and he just has a great way of communicating them.

When my friend handed me this gift many years ago, I did not realize he was giving me something that would eventually become a key part of all of my future successes. I cannot say that after listening to the first chapter my entire life was transformed, but I can say that after listening to the full content over and over, I gained some very valuable principles that I continue to benefit from every day.

This morning I was digging through the bookshelf looking for something else, and I remembered Earl Nightingale. So I thought I’d pass along the suggestion. I hope you will pick up the CDs or download the audio. It is good stuff for you. It is also something good you could give to a friend or even a kid in high school or college. Just common sense stuff we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

I believe you are a leader. I believe you can lead the field.