Running Through The Tape

Have you ever watched a runner get to the finish line and then slow up in the final few steps? There is something in all of us that clicks off the engine as soon as we know we are going to make it to the end of a race.

If it is human nature to ease up as we cross the line then it is even more impressive when you see the runner actually lean forward and push their hardest in that last step. I love to see Olympic athletes run across that finish line and just plow forward, lower their head and push their hardest. That ability to "run through the tape" is special and it separates elite competitors.

A friend of mine told me that his management team adopted that phrase to describe how they aimed to finish each year. I thought it was a great phrase and picked it up myself. It has helped me think differently about how we focus as we reach our goals.

Like the runner who leans forward and gives his best burst of energy, give your all as you see the tape approaching. You will feel great about yourself and your team will be inspired.