Social Media & HR Part II: Facebook

At Benefitfocus’ annual One Place conference, I gave a presentation entitled '#winning: Using Social Media to Support HR Initiatives'. Since then, I’ve received great feedback from attendees asking me to expand upon what I presented. What better way to do that than in a series of blog posts?

There are some people who check in constantly on Facebook and others who choose not to engage. Either way, Facebook’s almost 1 billion users have made it impossible to ignore. For companies, the social network allows you to humanize your brand by connecting with users on a more personal level. The focus of Facebook, much like Human Resources, is people. That’s why the social site can be a very effective tool for achieving HR objectives.

The key to success on Facebook is providing content that users care about. Without those ‘Likes’, comments and shares, your content will go nowhere. Unfortunately, many people tend to overthink their content, when the true path to success is simple: Be genuine. Successful content can be as simple as a photo of an office birthday get-together or a video from a team-building community event. The people in the photo will care about it, and they in turn will engage with it and broadcast it to their network. All the ‘Likes’ from employees will validate what you are saying as a company. Simultaneously, you will humanize and build trust for your brand, both as an employer as well as for whatever service or product you provide in the market. 

Here are a few ways you can use Facebook to support your HR strategy:


1. Employee Engagement and Connectivity

As a general rule, people want to feel a connection with their employer. The more connected they are, the more invested they will be in your business’ success. In addition, Facebook can help unify a geographically diverse workforce around a set of common goals or values. For example, highlighting individual employees who have reached a company goal or whom you want to recognize for some achievement is a great way to build engagement with employees and reinforce your company’s core values. 


2. Onboarding

New and potential employees need to understand your company’s business, goals and values. Incorporating this information into your page is a great way to help increase awareness and support. You can share photos of your volunteer work in the community, customer visits, employees on the job, office parties and other facets of daily life at work. The goal is to showcase the people in your organization. In doing so, the world will see real people who represent what your organization is all about!


3. Recruiting

The value of Facebook as a recruiting tool cannot be overstated. Posting job openings that your employees can then share with their own networks is a great strategy to find great talent. You are tapping into a network of potentially thousands of people who already have some connection to your company through relationships with your employees.  Those who see the post will be more likely to trust it when it is coming from a friend. Also, job seekers often check out a company’s Facebook page before applying or accepting a new position with a company. Not having a page, or having one that has no human warmth, can create a negative perception in a candidate’s mind.

Perhaps your company already has a page, but you might be using it solely for marketing or customer support purposes. If you add an HR focus, built around support for specific HR initiatives, you actually are supporting your marketing and customer support objectives by creating a “likeable” image for your operations. 

Facebook rewards pages with content that users connect with, and the more that users engage with your posts, the more visible all your content will be across the network. The value achieved across all business operations is well worth the effort, success can be easier than you might think!