Social Workplace

Below is an email I sent to all Benefitfocus associates

Hi folks,

Tomorrow is a big day for our company. We will welcome Governor Nikki Haley and Mayor Joe Riley as we cut the ribbon on our new Design + Engineering Building. I've been referring to the space on the third floor as a "Social Workplace". The design of the space is intended to create a sense of community, like a local coffee shop. You can meet up or just be by yourself but still be connected to the group. The furniture is more domestic than corporate.

I think this is the design of the modern workplace. In time it will spread. It is how people think best. And thinking is what we do. We think in groups to solve problems, we think in small teams to plan new product, we think alone to code a breakthrough. Sometimes we think under pressure to get out of a jam. We think to create a new new user experience.

Our thinking is then added to other's thinking by interaction. It is my experience that it is those "unplanned discussions" that tend to hold the breakthroughs. Some casual conversation leads to a follow up meeting, more people joining the thinking, and the new new thing is born.

Our office designs have always been pretty open and social. Glass conference rooms so you can see your friends, lower workstation panels so you can see across the room and interact, open staircase so you can hear what is happening on the other floor. It is louder for sure, but more interactive. I think this latest space is simply our concept evolving and expanding. Over time I would like all of our spaces to take on additional social workplace features. Very cool indeed.

As we grow, we spend a lot of time talking about our core values and our culture with prospective associates. We want to make sure we are attracting the top talent while also adding folks who want to embrace our unique culture. Your contribution to both referring folks for positions with our company and also helping new folks learn about our culture and get up to speed on our business is key to our continued success. I appreciate all that you do to make Benefitfocus such a great company and family.

Sorry if there are some typos in here, I just got home from Boston all day meetings. Picture attached - it was foggy.

What can I say but you cats are the best. I appreciate you so much, thank you for embracing "Together" and showing it so well during our biggest Open Enrollment ever!

See you tomorrow!