The Spark that Built a Medical Clinic in Nicaragua

Recently my son Alex and I traveled with my mother to Sébaco, Nicaragua, to dedicate a new medical clinic. The clinic serves a region made up of several surrounding rural communities. In time we hope that over 900 people will receive medical care at the facility every month.

The idea to invest in the clinic came when two experiences collided in my mind. For many years my mother has traveled to Nicaragua with a group of churches from central Florida to help support children and their families. She has built many friendships with the wonderful Nicaraguan people and shared her stories and photos with us along the way. After hearing of the physical beauty of the country and the amazing people, I just so happened to meet a group based in South Carolina who were developing a new model of sustainable medicine in developing countries. A spark was lit in my mind, and after a family discussion, we decided to financially support the building of one of the new medical clinic models near the area where my mother traveled.

It took about eighteen months to find the site, acquire the property, build the clinic, install the equipment and hire the staff. When it was time to open to the public, we packed up the family and headed down for the ribbon cutting. It was an amazing experience, and we captured it on video. I asked Alex to help edit and produce the video so we could share the story and give a sense of the emotion. Our hope is that you enjoy the video above and perhaps get inspired to explore your own passions, wherever they may lead you.