Take the Crew to the Movies

You know that feeling when you are driving down the road and one of your favorite songs comes on and you get a surge of positive energy? Sometimes, in that same moment, you will get a cool idea of something fun to do. What you do with that idea will significantly influence your career.

Recently I had such a moment and such an idea. I was listening to a great song and a vision popped into my head to take everyone at our company to the new Transformers movie. Why? Who knows? Maybe because going to a summer blockbuster movie is fun. Maybe because there is a lot of technology displayed in a movie like that. Maybe because we have done it a of couple times before when our company was smaller. All I know is that I had that surge of positive emotion and instantly wanted to share it with everyone.

When you have an idea like that, it will be followed by a series of "rational" and "practical" reasons not to act on it. I have tried to learn to listen to the practical reasons and solid advice of others. Sound counsel has served me well over the years. But I have also learned to trust my inner voice and be bold enough to act.

We took over 1,000 of our associates and their family members to Transformers this week. It was so much fun to see all of our folks and their friends and families. It was very cool to be in the theater packed with our crew. We took pictures, laughed, clapped and had a great time.

It all started with an idea that was preceded by an emotion. There were plenty of reasons not to act on it. However, when you do act, it stands out all the more. Encourage yourself and your ideas. Have some fun with your work and your work family. Include your friends and family in your work and look for ways to bring them together. It will make the journey so much richer.