Three More Suggestions for Small Meeting Settings

Since we spend so much time in conference rooms, I thought it would be helpful to share a few suggestions from my experiences. Here are three more tips to help you and your team in small meetings:

  1. Take a break. This is so simple but it gets overlooked. Take breaks, and take them often. Just stand up, stretch and give everyone five minutes to clear his or her head. Keep in mind that people have other things going on, as well. Let the team know that it’s okay to check on family, clients or other projects.
  2. Teach them something. I love to learn. When I get into one of these small conference room meetings, it is always a highlight when someone leans forward and expresses his or her view, provides context and explains a concept in a new way. You can be, and should be, that person.
  3. 45 Minutes. If you can complete a meeting in an hour, you can probably complete it in forty-five minutes. By starting on time and managing the meeting well, you can save time for the team and yourself. There is no need to rush. If the topic is worth meeting about, you should take the time to give the update, discuss the concept or work on the issue. However, you may be able to do it just a bit more efficiently. I am a fan of the 25 minute and 45 minute meeting.

These simple tips make a big difference in small meetings. The people attending will appreciate your consideration of their time and be motivated to stay engaged throughout the meeting.