Visual Arrest

Have you ever been walking down the street when a beautiful sports car passes by that makes you literally stop in your tracks and spin your head around to capture it with your eyes? Or maybe see a suit or dress in a well designed storefront window and it gives you that "got-to-have-that" feeling? That is called visual arrest.

Visual arrest, as I was taught in a college marketing class, is when something visually causes you to skip a heartbeat. Something your eyes see makes your heart jump. The visual "Wow Factor."

The term, and the concept, stuck with me since the first moment I learned them. Ever since then I have noticed it in product design, advertising, fashion, nature and more. I have also noticed when it is lacking. We all have.

You are a designer. You are designing how people interact with your company. In small ways and big ways, use your mind's eye to create visuals for your customers to be compelled to. It starts with you taking a bit of time each day to drink in the visual environment around you. When you do, that extra creative part of your brain will be flipped on. The result will be a culture of visual design that sets you and your team apart.