Writing Consistently

Starting something is easy. Sticking with something can become hard.

Have you ever seen a group start a newsletter? They publish that first edition and it is a rush of activity, lots of fun, and full of energy. Then the second issue comes. A few less people contribute, the core group forms. When it comes to the third, the core group begins to resent the people who are not helping. By issue seven or eight it is over.

When the idea of me writing a regular blog got going I let it bake for a long time. I would think about the blog and then think about newsletters and push it into the background again. It may have been a few years of thinking before I began to get serious. Then I studied other blogs for a year. Finally I knew it was time to start.

The only question I could not answer for sure was: would I continue to write or would my blog become a newsletter repeat - a few energized posts followed by giving up? There was only one way to find out.

Today, after a year of regular posting I am proud that I have stayed at it. I post on Tuesday mornings and have hit about 48 of 52 weeks in the first year. My routine is pretty set. It has become a habit. The visitors are now in the thousands without any formal advertising efforts, only social media. I wanted to just grow things organically. The feedback has been terrific.

If you have a "newsletter" idea in you and you are not sure you will stick with it, my encouragement would be to study it for a bit, then dive in. Some things have to be attempted in order to be learned.