Your Role in Motivating Yourself

What is your role as it relates to the task of motivating yourself? Have you considered the concept of you as your Chief Motivating Officer?

It has been my experience that when things are going well, I have a lot of people wanting to help motivate me. I get all sorts of compliments, and plenty of people are actively encouraging me. Yet when things are less than perfect, external motivation can dwindle.

If this is how it goes, then who is responsible for motivating each of us through leaner times? Hopefully, we all are fortunate to have positive people around us who will continue to encourage us through the ups and downs in our personal and professional lives. Keeping those people in our circle is certainly each of our responsibilities. We do that by encouraging them through their ups and downs.

Beyond our core group, I suggest that we take primary responsibility for our own motivation. If we routinely step back and realize that we need motivation and that we are responsible for that motivation, or at least cultivating a motivating environment and keeping people around us to help, then I believe we can do some great work on our own behalf.

Here are some tips to help you help yourself:

  • Schedule time to get away and reflect on the good things you have accomplished. I do this by going to the local bookstore and making a list of things I am proud of and am thankful for. I always find this encourages me.
  • Read stories of success. Hearing how other people accomplish things can spark our inner selves to move forward.
  • Listen to positive podcasts. When I do this, I tend to have an extra spring in my step for the day. I tend to evaluate the things I see in a positive light.
  • Reach out to someone who naturally encourages you. We all know a few people who tend to have a positive effect on our outlook. Keep those people routinely on your schedule.
  • Ask. When my tank runs low I will specifically ask folks to remind me of our team’s and my accomplishments, and I will ask for a positive view of our future.

Knowing that we all need to keep motivated will help us maintain an environment that motivates. It is natural to cycle through some ups and downs. You will have tremendous advantage in your career if you do a few simple things during the valley to help you keep moving forward to the next peak. Creating those healthy habits and keeping a circle of folks who encourage you will push you farther than you ever dreamed possible.