Your Words Have Impact

Our words have impact. They are powerful.

It is estimated that people speak over 15,000 words per day. That is millions of words each year. All this conversation is flowing around us all the time. We are constantly being influenced by the words we say and the words we hear.

Each word you say is like a building block. You can think of a word as either adding to someone's building, or taking away from their building. Positive and constructive words build people up. When you say them, it is like you’re adding building blocks to the person. You are building them up one word, or block, at a time.

You have an incredible opportunity to help build someone up each time you interact with them. You can say a few simple encouraging words that will "add" to their building. You can be the person that helps someone have a positive day where they gain ground and make progress towards achieving their goals.

Each of us is building our way toward a future and every day we are adding new bricks or building blocks. When someone stops by and gives us some positive input, even a helpful, truthful yet kind critique, it is as if they are handing us some great new bricks to add to our progress.

Don't miss an opportunity to use your words to build someone up. Smile at folks and tell them they look good today. Compliment their work when they do something good. When you see someone struggling, just take a moment to look them in the eye and tell them you believe in them. Just a few basic words can be the difference between someone sliding backwards or moving closer towards accomplishing their goals.

Be generous with your positive words. Some folks want to wait until a project is complete before they give praise or congratulations. Be the person that gives encouraging words before the success is seen. Tell people they are going to be successful before they win. Make it a habit. People need that.

You can be the person who talks about the success before it happens. You can be the one who says the helpful words and hands people the bricks that make the difference along the way. Give some thought to the 15,000 words that you will speak today and make as many as you can be the words that build people up. In turn, you will begin to hear them come back to you and you will be pushed even faster towards your goals.