Building a Hadoop cluster and running it well at scale as a system of record requires key design considerations in storage, compute and networking along with data redundancy and high availability options available in Hadoop.

Madhumoy Dube - Program Director of Engineering Partnerships January 27, 2016

A data scientist wears many hats: part software engineer, part data engineer and part statistician.

Benefitfocus Speaker - Jen Clark November 18, 2015

The evolution of big data has opened up the world to great opportunities.  Within those opportunities lies the responsibility to present great science and eliminate fallacies that lie within the data.

Seth Gregorie - Data Scientist July 13, 2015

First, know your data, know your software, and know your goals. Then, make an educated decision and pick something to start. Build a proof of concept.

Seth Gregorie - Data Scientist April 22, 2015

Data is the lifeblood of a business in the information age. Organizations must embrace and institutionalize data as an asset and make it a part of their culture where everyone leverages data to build actionable intelligence for decision-support.

Madhumoy Dube - Program Director of Engineering Partnerships April 8, 2015

With data science and machine learning, HR software systems are evolving into enterprise-wide value creators and intelligent systems that are predictive and prescriptive.

Madhumoy Dube - Program Director of Engineering Partnerships January 1, 2015

Organizations are learning that they must treat their data as an asset. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a vision and culture that is centered on the data.

Don Taylor - Chief Technology Officer May 28, 2014

Gather around… and I’ll tell you an epic tale… it has everything: humble beginnings, increasing prominence, shaming betrayal and surprising recovery… this is the tale of DataAccessUtility.

Michael Rosier - Architect Michael Rosier April 23, 2014