The first order of business in discussing user experience (UX) is to define user experience. The trouble here, though, is that the specifics of the definition vary from person to person as much as there are varieties of apples. All are apples though, right? Yep, and UX is no different.

Benefitfocus Blog Author - Jacee Brown Jacee Brown June 15, 2016

Visibility is the product feature that allows for operations support and users to understand what is happening on the platform.

Don Taylor - Chief Technology Officer March 20, 2015

If you’re a manager or leader who is responsible for deploying code or supporting production, insist on automation.

Don Taylor - Chief Technology Officer March 13, 2015

While we often look within the technology space for lessons, looking at other domains can offer interesting insights on how to improve. 

Tom Dugan - Enterprise Product Architect Tom Dugan January 26, 2015

In software design, understanding the user is fundamental. However, there is a wide difference in how far some organizations believe ‘understanding’ should be taken.

Tom Dugan - Enterprise Product Architect Tom Dugan October 15, 2015

Innovation in mobile technology is leading to a flow of items from the wallet to the smartphone. Ease of use is key to the adoption of mobile solutions supplanting the items in the wallet.

Madhumoy Dube - Program Director of Engineering Partnerships Madhumoy Dube October 8, 2014

As architects and designers, our goal is to make these solutions work and to be used. That means ensuring they are fit-for-purpose AND simple

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye September 19, 2014

The healthcare industry is going through massive disruption and change, so as designers, developers and makers of things, we have a responsibility to affect change.

Matthew Brown - Chief Interaction Designer Matthew Brown June 10, 2014