The ability to leverage a uniform interface across an open transport is indeed powerful and will continue to transform our business and lives for the foreseeable future.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye August 7, 2015

When designing application software, expect failure. It's not just about redundancy and high availability in the infrastructure, it also needs to be part of the application software design.

Fred Robinson - Chief Architect Fred Robinson June 10, 2015

You need an architectural blueprint to ensure there is a tomorrow.  Fortunately, there are proven styles and techniques to address these challenges.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye June 3, 2015

I want to win with APIs – and I want to do it as efficiently and economically as possible.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye May 20, 2015

Much like an entrance to a building, you have to consider not only the core purpose of the entrance, but also the purpose of the building and even the purpose of the entity that owns the building.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye April 29, 2015

We explore a brief history of APIs, with a specific focus on distributed APIs, to highlight motivators for each API type and how we have arrived at our current state of industry.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye April 15, 2015

APIs are created in many circumstances that can be summarized across the style of architecture or language as well as the method to access the API.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye April 1, 2015

Product and business stakeholders may not understand the technical details underlying this modern take on API, but they can appreciate the tremendous opportunity APIs afford.

Alan Frye - Architect Alan Frye March 25, 2015