Design is a state of mind. You can cultivate your mind to become a fertile ground for design to grow and develop.

When I walk through the Benefitfocus campus, one thing I notice and am very proud of is the culture of authenticity we have fostered. It’s this authenticity that fosters creativity in all aspects of our workplace.

At certain periods of my career I have allowed the rush of busyness that comes with advancement to keep me from participating in the simple things. Be careful of these periods.

You might have wondered how to develop a company culture, what makes a successful culture or how to get associates involved in your company’s culture?

Sometimes you just have to get in the car and get going.

The first few years of starting a company are often very challenging. Navigating those early waters is like riding a raft down white water rapids.

Extraordinary professional environments do not have to be expensive. The key is thoughtful design by the people who are leading the teams.

Today, we opened a massive new facility totally dedicated to the success of our customers.

At Benefitfocus, we have built our company on our core values and then fanned the flame of our associates' unique personalities.

As I have met great leaders and studied successful organizations of all types, I have observed patterns that have encouraged me in my journey.

Having a compelling company culture is key to recruiting. Even more importantly, it can enable the managers to be effective at building their teams.

When it was our time to go public, it was an incredible experience. We learned a great deal through the process, and I want to share what we learned.

We started Benefitfocus with a big idea to change how benefits are communicated and managed. We are still pushing hard every day.

We encourage our associates to share their personal experiences and keep the conversation on culture going and expanding.

The software experience progresses with its ever-changing patterns, styles and innovation. I find it helpful to embrace that change.

So, be proactive and thorough in understanding expectations. Tune into the areas where they may differ from yours.

Someone has to stop the world from spinning long enough to talk about what is important, share some stories and discuss what the values are.

We are increasing our campus footprint three fold. The next building is our "Customer Success Center."