Celebrate individual talent. It is not at odds with teamwork. And celebrate team success; it doesn't have to cost people their uniqueness.

Lessons I learned about service from a leader and innovator in the hospitality industry.

How do you carry your name and the name of your company, non-profit, city or faith-based organization? How your success is tied to how you carry your name.

By leaving the confines of the office and experiencing the day-to-day activities of the workplace, a manager can get a more holistic understanding of the organization.

We make decisions every day. It can be difficult to articulate why we choose what we do. How exactly do we make these decisions?

This is the second post in my four part Leadership blog series. Last week I discussed the importance of service in leadership. This week I focus on another important aspect: Celebration.

Your leadership on the big stuff is never far removed from your daily actions of service. You don’t reach a place in your career where you are beyond this need so make it a lifelong habit.

Look for ways to get informal, open-ended time together with your team. Talk less, listen, laugh and enjoy each other's uniqueness.

Leadership does not have to be lonely. As the leader, you get to bring people with you to help yourself overcome your fears!

Be encouraged in pursuing leadership positions. You can do a lot of good by leading a team.

Since we spend so much time in conference rooms, I thought it would be helpful to share a few suggestions from my experiences.

You can be great in small group settings. You can communicate your points, receive feedback and have a ton of success.

As you career grows you may have the opportunity to become a manager. It is exciting to develop yourself and take on additional responsibilities.

To be effective leading your teams consider the best times to be in front and when to take a turn being in the pack.

The relationship between the manager and the person reporting to the manager is special; it is a secret to success for the organization.

If you view social media as an opportunity and part of your own personal learning journey, it will help you get into the conversation.

As a leader, one of your most valuable tools is your physical presence. Being seen by your team is much more powerful than you might think.

It helps you be transparent and helps the candidate assist in making the best decision for both of you at that time.