Remember as a child playing the game Follow The Leader? In that game it is up to the leader to decide the actions or paths the others take. Usually the leader begins with simple actions, but eventually it gets more challenging as they go. That is a lot like being a Business Analyst. 

Jenny Walter - Business Analyst September 2, 2015

Think back to the last mystery novel or movie you read or watched. How did it make you feel? In many ways, business analysis is like solving a mystery. 

Cassie Caple - Product Manager, Reporting and Usage Analytics Cassie Mullins July 31, 2015

Failure to shift cultural expectations will inevitably result in the loss of “A” players, which is corporate suicide.

Jason McDonald - Senior Director of Engineering, Global Services Jason McDonald May 25, 2015

Establishing formal Communities of Practice can create scalable knowledge networks and begin raising the tide for everyone.

Tom Dugan - Enterprise Product Architect May 22, 2015

With the ability to accurately and succinctly communicate ideas you will be far more successful navigating your way through the world of business.

Don Taylor - Chief Technology Officer April 3, 2015

While there are many ways product management can be great or bad, finding and understanding the right problems is one of the most critical.

Tom Dugan - Enterprise Product Architect March 26, 2015

Messages in narrative non-fiction survival books while less obvious than classic technology or management books, are deeply relevant in designing and building technology products.

Tom Dugan - Enterprise Product Architect March 18, 2015

If you want to make a difference by influencing people inside and outside of your organization, then focus on that. It does not require you to have a big team and corner office.

Don Taylor - Chief Technology Officer January 28, 2015