Personal Development

The seasons displayed in nature can be a powerful motivational force on our lives. I have developed some habits that are based on the seasons to do just that.

Along your journey you will have opportunities to tell your story. The basics of managing yourself through those communications can be valuable.

A cycle of aggressive learning is a good thing. When one comes around, be sure to maximize it. Take in all of the new knowledge you can get.

This is a great time of year to start your goal setting process. There is a subtle step that seems to work best at this stage.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, technical curiosity can take you to places that you have never dreamed of.

If I were asked by a young person starting their first job what single advice I had for them, I would say, "play with passion."

Simple changes to my routine can have a big impact on my performance. May I suggest that every now and then you take a vacation from your routine?

Ideas unlock new levels in your career. Ideas come from all sorts of places, like talking to friends, listening to pod-casts, attending meetings and reading.

Do you want to create financial independence and retire early? Sounds like an ad for a seminar.

Every so often we have a moment that holds out its hands and pauses time. We can reflect on what has been and become excited about what will be.

As you build your career, your products, your teams or your company, be encouraged in those seemingly slow days in between the celebrations.

As managers and leaders, our effectiveness is linked to our ability to convey our thoughts and concepts.

We can benefit by filling our modern version of the tape drive—our phones, podcasts, Netflix queues and YouTube playlists—with positive content.

In the software industry the first version of many great applications is often unrecognizable from the third version.

Your career is a series of stories and memories. The products and services you are creating are characters in those stories.

Knowing that we all need to keep motivated will help us maintain an environment that motivates.

A long time ago, I realized that bringing my ‘A’ game must be a core attribute and not something I choose to pay attention to every once in a while.

The framework Thoreau provides is a three-step process: Eliminate, Observe and Communicate. Each step is a unique skill set.