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Diversity, inclusion and belonging at Benefitfocus

Dedicated to advancing a more diverse and inclusive environment that celebrates our unique differences, backgrounds, perspectives and skills.

Heart shaped logo representing Diversity Inclusion and Belonging at Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus Foundation of Equality Statement

Benefitfocus believes in equality and equity across race, gender, gender identity  or expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, ethnicity and nationality. We condemn all  forms of racism and injustice.  We proudly stand with and for our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and LGBTQIA+ associates, and we unequivocally and wholeheartedly know that Black lives matter. 

Notable Accomplishments

We committed to making an institutional change within our walls and within our communities. We established a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Council, focused on ensuring every associate feels like they belong at Benefitfocus. In 2021, we:

  • Established Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday for all associates
  • Revised our corporate email signature template to include the option of choosing correct pronouns
  • Hosted and participated in sessions on belonging, LGBTQIA+, mental health and women in leadership

Learn more about how Benefitfocus is committed to improving our world.

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Diversity and inclusion townhalls


DIB Executive Council membership growth


of executive leadership team are women


Company donations to diverse organizations


Associate + company matched donations

Donations to diverse organizations

In 2021, we made donations to organizations on behalf of women, Juneteenth, military veterans, LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and other causes. Additionally, Benefitfocus associates partnered with Generus to create scarves and hats for homeless veterans. Check out the video below!

DIB Executive Council

Working to advance diversity, inclusion and belonging

Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Executive Council members are committed to providing  a diverse and inclusive culture at Benefitfocus,  in which  fairness and equity help facilitate a sense of belonging. 

Photo of Kate Adams-Blake

Kate Adams-Blake

Manager, Project Management

Photo of Conor Chilton

Conner Chilton

Team Lead, Customer Success Management

Photo of Joel Collins

Joel Collins

Chief Legal Officer

Photo of Krystal Henderson

Krystal Henderson

Senior Administrative Assistant, Chief Customer Officer

Photo of Anna Patel

Anna Patel

Senior Specialist, Communications

Photo of Jessica Skarzynksi

Jessica Skarzynski

Social Media Manager

"I think the thing that really calls Benefitfocus out and as a leader in diversity is how we do more than just talk the talk. I have worked with employers who say the right things and then it just stops there. Here at Benefitfocus, when we speak there is follow-through and follow-up! It's not really about being the same, rather it's about embracing and respecting our differences!"
Photo of Bryan Anthony
Bryan Anthony
Custom Analytics Report Developer
“During my career I’ve met a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. Although we came from unique walks of life, there were many similarities between us, such as the value of a good education, great work ethic and determination. I quickly learned while working among these individuals that iron sharpens iron, and it's best to help each other out by sharing knowledge. At Benefitfocus, the teams I work with do a great job sharing and being inclusive. There are regular opportunities to participate in panel discussions that offer valuable insight and takeaways for improving how we work together.”
Photo of Shawn Hinkle
Shawn Hinkle
Quality Engineer III
"At Benefitfocus, we work with many people of varying ethnicities, religions, preferences, etc. I thought I was a very open-minded, accepting person. It wasn't until my son told me, 'Mom, being gay doesn't define me; it's just a part of who I am,' that I realized I was not who I needed to be. I need to stop seeing people's labels first and focus on who they are. I am grateful to be surrounded by so many interesting people here at Benefitfocus who are working toward that same goal."
Photo of Linda Hickman
Linda Hickman
Manager, Health Plan Implementation

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