A Brand-New Way to Gauge Benefits

Drawing on actual benefits enrollment data from 1 million consumers, the Consumer Benefits Coverage Index (CBCI) is an indicator of consumer spending across three key categories of employee benefit products—health, wealth and lifestyle.*

2019 CBCI Scores

94 300 Overall 59 100 Health 27 100 Wealth 8 100 Lifestyle


Supplements core medical coverage

Includes benefit products like Dental, Vision and Health Advocacy


Helps consumers protect their income

Includes benefit products like Life, Accident and Short-Term Disability


Addresses consumer needs in other areas of life

Includes benefit products like Legal, Pet and ID Theft Protection

Each category is scored on a scale from 0 to 100 – for a total score out of 300 – reflecting the average degree of variance between a consumer’s benefit spending and that of their peers. A score of 0 indicates maximum variance, while a score of 100 indicates no variance at all.

* For a full list of products included in each category, see the methodology.

CBCI creates a model by which consumers can evaluate their own benefits coverage needs.

Coverage needs can differ greatly from one individual to the next. At the same time, members of the same peer group will often have comparable coverage needs. Therefore, it’s likely that the optimal amount of coverage for a consumer is neither completely identical to nor completely different from their peers.

CBCI establishes approximate ranges of optimal and sub-optimal coverage based on how similar or dissimilar an individual’s coverage is to their peer group.

0 - 99
100 - 228
229 - 300
Spending is highly different from peers.
Spending is both similar to and different from peers.
Spending is highly similar to peers.

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About the Research

CBCI provides the entire benefits industry with one-of-a-kind perspective on how consumers are choosing to protect their health, wealth and lifestyle. Made possible by the unrivaled power and scale of the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform, CBCI draws from actual benefits enrollment data to provide unique – yet essential – understanding of consumer behavior and coverage needs.

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