Employee Benefits Enrollment & Administration Software

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With a single platform to personalize benefits enrollment and automate administration, employee engagement and benefits management has never been easier.

Benefits Administration & Enrollment Platform
The Foundation of Your Benefits Solution
Employee Engagement

Boost employee engagement with personalized, targeted communication—and never let your efforts get lost in the noise.

Powerful Data

Gain insight into what's really driving your employee benefit costs and design smarter healthcare plans for your company and your employees.

Seamless Administration

Save time and money by automating complex data transmissions, benefits administration & management tasks.

Provide Better Decision Making for Employee Benefits
Give employees a better way to understand their options, and let them see the true value of your benefit offerings.
  • Protect your investment
  • Decision support features help employees understand their benefits, so they can make the right choice for their individual and family needs. 
  • Guide better benefit decisions
  • Deliver consistent, relevant messages with educational videos - saving you time and bringing clarity to the complex so employees have the information they need to make better benefit decisions. 
  • Be there—with Benefitfocus
  • With the BENEFITFOCUS® App, you can be there for your employees when they need you most. Your mobile workforce can access all of their benefit information when they need it, wherever they need it.  
Gather Company Insights using Employee Benefits Data
From now on, benefits work for you.
  • Complete your tech stack with benefits depth & breadth
  • Bring your benefits management into the future where your strategy is based on insight. With a deep well of knowledge on the most demanding benefits delivery, you'll find a robust, scalable solution that makes benefits a strategic partner in success. 
  • Plan for the future, today
  • See how your employees’ health today can affect your bottom line tomorrow. With chronic condition compliance and predicted risk data, you get a complete picture of costs for your company and employees. 
  • Find the data you need, when you need it
  • Access all your data in a clean, easy-to-understand format so you can draw meaningful conclusions that impact the well-being of your entire organization.