Nearly half of American workers forgo necessary medical treatment due to cost

How do I make sure my employees can get the care they need?

Offer voluntary benefits tailored to your workforce

While cost-shifting makes economic sense for your organization, it introduces a significant coverage gap for your employees, the majority of whom are not prepared to take on unexpected medical expenses. If you’re not offering the right supplemental protection, you could find yourself with a sick, unproductive, financially insecure and ultimately dissatisfied workforce. With a voluntary benefits strategy that aligns with organizational goals and actually fits the unique health and financial needs of your employee population, you’re able to cut down on healthcare spending without leaving your workforce high and dry.


Communicate the value of your benefits

With out-of-pocket costs on the rise, employees have to think differently about how they consume healthcare. A comprehensive benefits package—with wellness initiatives, savings accounts and voluntary products—can provide financial security in this new era of healthcare consumerism. But for that to happen, employees need to be educated on the issues at play to gain a better understanding of their personal need for such programs.


Make enrollment easy

Voluntary benefit options can go a long way in helping to close the deductible gap for your workforce. But if it’s too difficult or confusing for employees to sign up, you’re not going to see the results you should. By integrating voluntary products into an intuitive, self-service enrollment experience—alongside core medical enrollment—you make it simple for employees to navigate their options and arrive at the best combination of coverage for their needs.



Learn how voluntary benefits can protect your employees from unnecessary financial distress while strengthening your value proposition as an employer.