Automated COBRA Management Services

COBRA Administration

Make it a seamless transition — for them and for you.

COBRA Made Simple
Single Partner Advantage

No manual data entry, no additional transfers, no added stress.

Instant Activation

Trigger all required steps with the push of a button.

Easy Transition

Offer the convenience of online enrollment for qualified participants.

Account Services - Cobra
Automate COBRA management with the same system you use to manage your benefits.
  • Minimize your risk
  • Nightly batch process means timely processing of qualified beneficiaries and higher levels of compliance than vendors.
  • One-step compliance
  • Qualifying event notifications are triggered automatically when you make terminations through BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace. A single step, and we handle the rest.
  • Seamless participant experience
  • Online enrollment and payment options, along with dedicated call center support, make the transition time easier for COBRA participants.