Personalize Employee Benefits Communication

Communication Portal

Recruiting is hard, but retaining can be even harder. Engage and keep your top talent through personalized, targeted communication.

Target Employee Segments and Communicate with them Personally
Communicate on a Higher Level
Tailored Messages

You have a diverse workforce. With targeted messages, they get the individual attention they deserve.

Onboarding & Training

Starting a new job can be stressful. Alleviate uncertainty with simple, intuitive workflows, and easily track each employee’s progress.

Start a Conversation

Make communication a two-way street. Create and share surveys to show your employees you value their feedback.

Benefitfocus Offers a Mobile, Configurable Communications Portal
When questions go unanswered, employees get frustrated. Engage the entire workforce with a mobile, configurable communication portal.
  • Empower with self-service support
  • Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant provides employees on-demand support, and Self-Service Total Compensation Reports increase transparency into the full value of your benefit offerings.
  • Engage with video
  • You do important work, but right now your time is spent answering the same questions over and over. Answer those questions once with the Benefitfocus Video Library—and take your time back.
Mobile Friendly Company Communication
Effectively communicate with employees about their benefits wherever they go, and make sure your communication lines are always open.
  • Engagement in their pocket
  • The BENEFITFOCUS® App gives your employees all of their benefits in their pocket, and now through targeted email and text messages, the ability to engage is at your fingertips.
  • Tailored messages are more meaningful
  • Speak directly to a specific employee group based on location, job level, eligibility status and more.