Core & Advanced Analytics

Data isn’t just numbers. It’s power—the power to design a smarter employee benefits strategy, the power to shape your company's future.

Core & Advanced Analytics Help Design a Smarter Benefits Strategy
Data to Power the Entire Workforce

Create more fulfilling benefits plans based on historical employee health data and design engagement strategies based on real-time information.


Gain insight into what’s really driving costs and calculate the ROI of employee wellness programs to make more strategic benefits decisions.


Receive the advantages of healthcare plans designed around actual employee healthcare usage and enjoy informed, personalized outreach efforts.

Data is the Foundation of a Successful Benefits Program
Data is the foundation of a successful benefits program. That’s why we designed two revolutionary data analytics tools to help you manage & analyze your benefits spending data today and in the future.
  • Core Analytics
  • Built directly into the BENEFITFOCUS® Marketplace is the ability to test your program against 15 key metrics essential to understanding benefit utilization and predicting future outcomes.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • With industry-first functionality and a suite of over 70 precision analysis applications, the ability to alter the course of your organization is now at your fingertips. 
Provide Both Big Picture or Detailed Analysis
Perspective changes everything.
  • The big picture
  • To provide you with the biggest picture possible, we integrated the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG®) System into the Advanced Clinical Analysis tool. Now you can compare your employee healthcare data to national healthcare data to see how your benefits program stacks up.
  • The data is in the details
  • Drill down to diagnoses, procedure, provider or other plan details for each employee and gain a better understanding of what’s really driving your healthcare costs.
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