Billing & Payment for All Your Benefits

MarketPlace Billing & Payments

Simplify benefits administration with automated billing and payment processes.

Automate Benefits Program Billing & Payment Processes
The Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Billing capabilities show you a single invoice with the total premium amount each month.


With invoice generation based on real-time enrollment data, you can rest assured you're paying the right amount.


Access your invoice history and see adjustments that have occurred invoice after invoice.

Sync eBilling to provide Better Insights
Introduce more benefit options without worrying about complicated billing processes.
  • MarketPlace Billing & Payments
  • Let us manage the billing and payment process for you. We create a single invoice that shows you a total amount due for all of your benefits. With automated adjustments and reconciliation, all you have to do is approve the invoice for Benefitfocus to remit the payments on your behalf.

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