Four out of five employees select the wrong coverage for their needs

How can I make sure my employees really understand their benefits?

Personalize plan selection

As out-of-pocket costs increase, employees have to become smarter healthcare consumers, and it starts with enrolling in a health plan that fits their financial situation. But for most workers, doing this can be like throwing darts in the dark. It’s up to you to provide better visibility so they can understand their options. With data-driven decision support tools that incorporate individual claims history and risk tolerance into the enrollment experience, employees can understand their benefits on a more personal level and determine the most appropriate choice for their unique needs.


Educate with a multi-channel approach

The world of benefits is complex and can easily overwhelm employees. Having to pour over booklets or sit through meetings does little to help. Employees need resources that address every type of learning style. With a multi-channel approach, you can communicate your benefit offerings in ways that will capture every employees’ attention. Give employees a connected benefits experience that’s convenient and engaging with digital (video, mobile, social), traditional (email, print) or outside-the-box (incentives, webinars, health fairs) methods to gather the right information so they can make sound benefits decisions.


Keep employees connected

Open enrollment season gets a lot of attention, but benefits are really a year-round imperative. In order for employees to fully understand what their benefits can do for them, they need to be engaged in your benefits program throughout the year. A well-designed employee portal provides workers with a personalized experience and offers consistent transparency into the total value of their benefits. With tailored multimedia communication, educational materials and mobile access to manage and enroll in benefits, you can make sure employees always have the resources necessary to take full advantage of your benefits program.



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