Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever

How can I keep every employee engaged?

Be flexible

When it comes to benefits, one size does not fit all. And in today's talent market, your benefits packages must be thoughtfully-designed to stay competitive and address the varied health and financial needs of your employee population. By analyzing your workforce demographics and claims data, you can identify current gaps in coverage and better understand what your employees value most. You can then develop a comprehensive benefits strategy that takes care of everyone in the organization.


Personalize communication

Employees have to understand their benefits to get the most value from them, and that’s why strong communication is a key component to benefits management. But not every employee communicates in the same way. With multiple generations, ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses represented in your workforce, it’s important you use a variety of communication styles and channels to get your message out. And by incorporating demographics and other employee data into your efforts, you can tailor communication to resonate with each of your workers on a personal level—driving more meaningful engagement.


Use intuitive technology

A diverse workforce means a wide range of benefits literacy. It also means a wide range of computer literacy. When it comes to benefits technology, you need a solution designed for everyone. Technology focused on the user experience—through seamless employee portals, step-by-step guided enrollment and integrated decision support—empowers every worker to easily navigate the intricacies of benefits and encourages engagement across the entire organization. 



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